For Entrepreneurs That Want To Enrol High Paying Clients...

For Entrepreneurs That Want To Enrol High Paying Clients...

 Join this Bootcamp To Discover The Exact Digital Product Strategies I Used To Build A 6-Figure/Month Online Business... & It's Only $297 $97

 Join this Bootcamp To Discover The Exact Digital Product Strategies I Used To Build A 6-Figure/Month Online Business... & It's Only $297 $97

Why is this strategy a 'Game Changer'?


(Click The Video To Hear Sound)

(Click The Video To Hear Sound)

Have Your First (or next) 10, 20 or $50k Month Through Digital Products
Have Your First (or next) 10, 20 or $50k Month Through Digital Products
Now Available To The Public For The First Time!

*Limited Time Offer Of $97 
(One-Time Payment) Normally $297

Backed by our MONEY BACK guarantee!
If you go through Part 1 of the LIVE workshop and if you don't feel you've learned something then we'll give you your money back!

This passive income strategy increases your profits like no other and fills your email list with buyers who will continue to BUY from you throughout the year.

How We Can Help You Fill Your Business With High Paying Clients And Create a Passive Income Stream Through Digital Products...

How We Can Help You Fill Your Business With High Paying Clients And Create a Passive Income Stream Through Digital Products...

From The Desk Of Pam Obasa

From The Desk Of Pam Obasa

Founder & CEO of The Lucrative Lady

Founder & CEO of The Lucrative Lady

Wow! You may not realise this just yet but the mere fact that you've landed on this page means that you are READY for your business to turn around

So, let me begin by congratulating you! 

One thing you should know about me is that I don't mince my words! I tell it as it is. 

It is this no-nonsense approach that helps our clients succeed.

I started creating Digital Products initially as an "experiment"

During this experiment, I was able to scale a $9 digital product to $65,000 in 35 days. 

Since then, we've generated Multiple 6-Figures selling Digital Products alone 

Why should you listen to me?

I have helped hundreds of Coaches create a 6-Figure business online and I can help you too. 

Let's get started...

If you're a coach, consultant, or expert in your field who has struggled to find paying clients...

Or perhaps you’ve created a few offers already but each time you put out your offer into the world…

…it fell flat as a pancake....

...What you're about to read will be a game changer. 

During This Bootcamp, You’re going to Master…
  • How to create a PASSIVE INCOME stream and generate sales EFFORTLESSLY all day, every day (without running any Facebook Ads)
  • The number one secret to rolling out your offer CONFIDENTLY... and attracting customers and PREMIUM clients. (Figure this one out now, and your Ideal Clients won’t think twice about investing in your service.)
  • How to fill your list with BUYERS so that you can sell more products/services throughout this year. 
  • ​How to sell High Ticket Programs, Offers & Services using my dead-simple approach... responsible for filling my Premium Mastermind
  • How to be known as the AUTHORITY in your industry - I’ll reveal to you a little-known way to get ahead of well-known experts in your niche who are usually more experienced than you. (this is how you ‘win’ in your niche)
let me break down the maths for you...

If you sell a $37 Digital Product (which you create just once), promote that product using the FREE strategies that I'll be teaching you inside the Bootcamp...

Imagine if you sold 500 of these products. You've now acquired 500 BUYERS but here's how much money you'd make:

wait... let me break down the numbers for you...

500 X $37 = $18,500

Whilst that's a decent amount of money in one month... I'm not done yet because...

...from those 500 'Buyers', if you had even 'just' 10% of them purchase a semi High Ticket Offer of say... $5,000....

Let's do the math again:

10% of 500 = 50

Therefore... 50 X $5000 = $250,000

Finally, add them both together:

$18,500 + $250,000 = $268,500

Caveat: This maths works for ANY if you sell a $10k+ offer like I do... simply DOUBLE the figures above

Happy days ☺️❤️

Do you now see why THIS is a much better way to sell PREMIUM offers and MASSIVELY increase the cashflow in your business?

I know it's hard to believe that YOU can achieve this...

...especially if you’ve been reaching out to hundreds of people who on paper “appear to be your Ideal Clients” but getting ghosted…

…or posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn et all - without any tangible results to show for it… 

…it’s hard to believe that this will work for you. 

But I’m here to show you that there is a simpler way to get your business up and running to hit that Multiple 6-Figure mark… THIS YEAR

But before I move on, who is this for? 
Well, this letter is basically for you if...

You’re a coach, consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Author, or Personal Brand looking to get paying clients for your offers...
You’re done with hearing ‘crickets’ for your services and now you’re ready for a PREDICTABLE way to generate cash flow month after month
You’re ready to say bye-bye to the “hustle” - You want PASSIVE income flowing in CONSISTENTLY
You’ve taken some coaching programs or taken some recommended steps but you’re still struggling to get people to buy your offer…
Prospects tell you “I can’t afford to pay for your program,” or worse, they want to pick your brain for FREE and that has got you doubting all your efforts and your expertise… 
You want to make your spouse and family proud of your efforts as a biz owner (you need a BIG win this year, not just any win).
You need clients and you need a simple predictable way to get them fast
You are willing to listen attentively to every sentence you’ll read from here henceforth…

If any of these describes you, then I wrote this just for you.

Is This You??

You run a business and yet each month your revenue dips and dips and dips

So instead of seeing your revenue growing from the many offers, you’ve sold out…

…and all the clients you’ve enrolled

This is NOT the case for you AT ALL ! 😭😭😭

Meanwhile, you hear of other Coaches and Entrepreneurs in your industry who are 
killin it in their biz

...adding $50k here and $100k there 

And you wonder what sort of magic sauce they’re using to boost their revenue consistently…

…even though you’re there hustling and grinding like crazy!

Girl… come a little closer… 👂

Let me spill some tea ☕

We have no magic sauce, but here’s what we DO have…


We use DIGITAL PRODUCTS to bring in Passive Income and Buyers

…these ‘buyers’ then ascend to our HIGH TICKET OFFERS... just like this ⬇️ 
Nail THIS and you can have your cake and eat it too 🎂


 Get Access To Passive Products Cashflow Bootcamp and

  • ​You’ll create a Digital Product that generates PASSIVE INCOME all year round
  • ​You’ll generate ‘buyers’ who will pay for your High Ticket Offers
  • ​You’ll instantly position yourself as the authority in your niche
…all because you listened and implemented what I teach inside ‘Passive Product Cash Flow Bootcamp

I’ll be revealing EXACTLY how I create my products, set them up for launch, get thousands of buyers every…single…time

I’m talking multiple-6-figures revenue because of Digital Products 


After so many trial and errors and money thrown down the drain for the umpteenth time… 🤦‍♀️

 I’ve figured out a dead simple approach that anyone can use to…

…create a CASH COW Digital product from the get-go…

…come up with a mouth watering offer that is PROVEN to command sales…

…find their IDEAL and QUALITY customers that are willing to buy…

…turn them from leads to raving fans that go on to buy their HIGH-TICKET programme over and over again… 

And I can help you do the same! Right here, right now. 

When you get access to Passive Product Cash Flow Bootcamp, you’ll get a solution that takes up your EXISTING expertise and turns it into a digital product a.k.a cash cow…

…so you too can FINALLY monetize your expertise and turn it into a stream of income that has you running through the streets, waving your knickers in the air... in excitement

Speaking of 'running through the streets naked typa money'…

Here’s what passive income looks like in my business…

Cash coming in on AUTOPILOT…

So even when I’m asleep...

…Or in the middle of family dinners

…on a date with my husband

…in my kitchen making some delicious meals

…or making playdough with my kids 

As long as people are awake and their eyes are seeing my offer…



If They Can Do It, Why Not You?

See What Others Are Saying:


Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp

Create a proven Digital Product ready to go LIVE to make the next 30 days your best cashflow month.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Bootcamp:


Here's What You'll Achieve

  • How To Find Your Starving Audience
  • ​pin-point a sell-out Digital Product that they’re already craving for
  • ​The Pandora's Box of 100+ Tried & Tested Digital Products 
  • ​Create your 'Hit List' Digital Product line

Stop The Scroll, Join Now


Here's What You'll Achieve

  • The 'Refund-Proof' Structure For Creating The Perfect Digital Product that SELLS OUT DAILY
  • ​The 007 Method for spying on what your competitors are already selling so that you can create something much BETTER
  • ​ Your Passive Profits Calculator for your first 500 Sales

Stop The Scroll, Join Now


Here's What You'll Achieve

  • Master Your Marketing Game
  • ​Marketing Matrix - use my matrix card to strategically place your Digital Product in 10 different markets for maximum visibility
  • ​ Get access to my stupid-simple Launch plan that I use to generate sales within 24 hours of launching

Stop The Scroll, Join Now


Here's What You'll Achieve

  • FINALLY, Take a peek inside my own business and see how I stack offers together to scale 6-Figures a month
  • ​See how I ascend my digital product 'buyer' to my High Ticket Offers...seamlessly 
  • ​10X Amplify Scale Strategy to turn a low-ticket buyer into a High Paying Client

Stop The Scroll, Join Now

Now, let’s get something straight…

This Bootcamp is NOT about “information” or “strategy.” 

It’s about IMPLEMENTATION that’s proven to get results.
But why am I taking my time to teach you how to generate passive income through Digital Products? 

The answer is not far-fetched…

… and while I don’t really want to bore you with my story…

The truth is that I don’t want you to make the same mistakes or waste money or time on trial and error like I did.


  • I too used to leave a lot of money on the table in my Coaching business. I focused so much on selling my Premium Offers using outdated marketing strategies whilst losing out on the lowest hanging fruit
  • Then… in October 2019 I started on a journey that changed the way I do business FOREVER! I created my first Digital Product which to be honest, was a total experiment. My experiment worked! Following the marketing strategy that I’ll be teaching inside the bootcamp, I made $65,000 in 35 days from my digital product

I’ve since gone on to generate Multiple-6-Figures as a result of selling Digital Products

  • Now, even though I no longer “actively '' promote my digital products, they’re all automated and bring in sales DAILY (even though I pretty much “forget” to talk about them)
  • Creating Digital Products have changed the game for me, and I owe it to YOU to teach you HOW.
With all that said…

I’ve made the investment for this Bootcamp an absolute no-brainer for you…

Listen… you DO NOT need:

  • ...Another online course that gives you hours and hours of videos to watch, with no implementation or support.
  • ​...Another webinar aka pitch-fest with no real strategy.
  • ​...Another replay of retired content with outdated information

What you need INSTEAD - is to be a part of the  Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp where: 

  • You’ll have my brain and eyeballs on your business (same one that has generated $150k in 6 days and has helped hundreds of business owners like you)
  • You'll Dial in your Ideal Client and their biggest problems (Fix it and half the battle is won!)
  • Structure your Low Ticket Digital Product that creates High Revenue. (doing this alone will get you a lucrative business in no time.)
  • Craft a High-Converting offer for your very own Digital Product, including hooks and bonuses. (This strategy alone will get you hitting your First or Next 6 Figures)
  • PLUS: You'll nail the perfect marketing strategy that works with minimal effort… and ZERO Ad spend! (Look, ads are good… but you can do 6 Figures passively without giving Zuckerberg any slice of the cake) 
That’s the magic of this Bootcamp. 

It just works!
I know you know the value of this so you may be wondering:

Why is this Bootcamp priced so low?

Here's the truth...

I don’t run these types of offers to make money…

Far from it!

In fact… we run a year-long Mastermind and that is truly the focus for us

For this Mastermind, the investment begins at $12k and above

We also run Intensives and VIP days that also run into the thousands

...and for courses, they begin at $997

BUT… this ‘Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp’ is NOT another course

It is a  workshop where you create one of the most important assets for bringing in a flow of cash into your business…

I'm so passionate about this that I've made the investment pretty much accessible to everyone. 

No excuses :)

So if you want to BUILD a high-profit digital product that generates passive income, and fills your business with high paying clients…

… you have to start by taking the first step today!

As a result of this Bootcamp, you’ll:

  • Roll out your offer CONFIDENTLY
  • Pump Cash into your business EFFORTLESSLY… all year round
  • Be known as the AUTHORITY in your industry
  • Grow your Email List with Qualified BUYERS
  • Fill your High Ticket programs EASILY

So… the honest question here is this

Are you willing to miss out on the biggest Bootcamp that will potentially move the needle in your business?

Do you want to spend the rest of the year…

  • ​…Still struggling to create the perfect offer?
  • ​…still trying to figure out how to make rent or mortgage this month?
  • ​…still giving away your expertise for free, instead of getting paid?
If the answer is ‘No’ then, there’s a way out now…

Get Access To ‘Passive Product Cash Flow’

This is the PERFECT time to sell Digital products and create a PASSIVE INCOME STREAM


You create the product once and enjoy generating sales and an increase in cash flow all year long!

Can you even begin to imagine how much money you’ve been leaving on the table by not creating the ultimate Passive Income Stream - a cash-pumping Digital Product?

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

See what our previous clients are saying about the program
"My funnel is filling up like mad!"
"I got my first sale overnight"
"I've closed my 10th Client"

Are you ready to:-

  • Listen and apply EXACTLY how we craft IRRESISTIBLE offers that have gone on to generate $15k, 50k and $150k for me and my clients?
  • Steal my brain (and my cash-pumping templates and swipe files) in just a few short hours of this ‘fail-proof’ Bootcamp…
…so that your digital product will begin to routinely generate sales around the clock?


Get Access to…

Passive Income Cash Flow Bootcamp

Passive Income Cashflow Bootcamp is an online IMPLEMENTATION workshop for creating a cash-pumping Digital Product you can sell every single day, generating passive income
And because I want you getting results in no time... 

Let’s Talk Bonuses...

To ensure your success with this, I've included everything you'll need here. To make up for the time you've previously put into creating a DIGITAL product or creating an offer and it didn’t work out, I'm here to help you out!

Bonus #1 

Just for the FIRST 10 OF YOU

'PROFITS MAXIMISED' (One-on-One Consultation)

As you can see... while developing a low-ticket digital product will assist you in increasing your cash flow all year...

...I should also tell you about how you can EASILY create a Signature High-Ticket Offer using your own skills.

This is what allows you to move from charging ‘low-ticket’ to ‘High-Ticket’ and working with PREMIUM clients

Just like my client Raymona did when she made $10k in a weekend from her High Ticket Offer...

I want you to do the same thing.

Dara did the same thing when she charged
a client $8k for her High Ticket Offer

Or, as Kome did with her $18k launch or High Ticket Offer,

I also have to mention Shirin, who enrolled 9 High Ticket Clients as Mindset Coaches in her High Ticket Offer.

Because of the limited amount of time we're not able to offer this special bonus for more than the first 10 people.

Here’s how to access this bonus:

When you register for Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp,' you will be allocated a one-on-one call with my team

During this call, you'll meet with a specialist who will go over the ins and outs of your business, providing you with complete clarity on your next steps and how to hit the $100,000 goal with a High Ticket Offer.

BUT... there is a catch...

Spots in the 'Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp' are filling up quickly!

We anticipate that we will not have enough one-on-one slots for everyone who joins the Bootcamp.

So... as soon as you sign up, you'll receive an email with a link to the calendar, allowing you to book your one-on-one consultation with my specialist IMMEDIATELY.

Value: $2000

Bonus #2 

Listen Back To Live ‘On-The-Spot’ Feedback

The Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp is all about IMPLEMENTATION.

So, during the Bootcamp, you'll be building out your digital product to pump cash into your business all year long, filling your email list with qualified leads (as I’m pretty sure you know the money is in the list)

You'll get access to the invaluable Q & A recording for this bootcamp 

Sweet right? I mean coaches charge $1,000’s for this and you’re getting it as a BONUS. 

BUT I'm only getting started...

Bonus #3 

10X Templates & Swipe Files

Having been in your shoes, I know how much of a time you spend trying to figure out what to say about your offer in order to get that sale…

And eventually, when it goes LIVE, all you hear is CRICKETS… 

Not any more…

That is no longer a problem because...

I'm going to give you my 10 best-performing pieces of promotional content so you can take the guesswork out of coming up with promotional content...
  • Email layout templates
  • Templates for Social Media Posts
  • All you’d need to get your KILLER offer out in the public. 
(I did say I've done all the work, so you don’t have to.)

So I intend to make earning money enjoyable and painless for you… utilizing my templates and swipe files, you will be able to begin promoting your offer IMMEDIATELY.

The following bonus will save you a significant amount of time and money.

Bonus #4 

Sales Overload - Launch Your Digital Product for FREE

Launching your Digital product is also pain free when you join me inside ‘Passive Product Cash Flow Bootcamp’

This is because I have created a secret board filled with 100+ hot spots where you can find your audience.

... as well as promote your offer for FREE!

I’m committed to making this process a breeze for you.

When you get your fingers on this highly-coveted board, you’ll find traffic sources and audience hot-spots you never even knew existed...

I call this the "Weapon of Mass Traffic."

If you get your hands on this, you will never have to pay for Facebook ads again!

But that’s not all...

To make sure you succeed beyond your expectations,

Check out this next bonus:

Bonus #5 

Private Facebook Group

We all know that business is all about people.

So, we built a friendly, supportive, and professional community for our PAYING clients ONLY!

Our learning community is nearly 3k entrepreneurs strong, all there for motivation, troubleshooting, and ongoing support. 

This means we have high-quality people here who mean business!

This is a huge confidence booster!

This community is moderated, ensuring that there is ZERO spam, only good stuff that will help you grow your business.

Inside this community, you can ask questions, learn from others, and create accountability pods that will help you grow faster.

When you join me inside "Passive Product Cash Flow Bootcamp", you’ll get your exclusive invitation to join this community.

But I’m not done yet…

Bonus #6 

FREE 30-day access to The Lucrative Business Academy 

When you join me inside 'Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp,' you'll also receive 30 days of access to our online membership for entrepreneurs, The Lucrative Business Academy…

…which contains over 40 ACTIONABLE Courses and Execution Plans to help you grow your email list, get seen, get known, and most importantly, get PAID.

And now you can try it out for free for 30 days…

Finally, this bonus is your ticket to 6 and 7 figure launches.

On top of all of these benefits...

Bonus #7 

My Little Black Book of 100+ Best Selling Digital Products 

Digital products are goldmines (when done right). But unfortunately, too people are selling fluff 

So, if you are looking to start tapping into this gold mine…

...and create products that people LOVE so that they can buy from you time and time again…

Here’s how you do it differently…

I’ve carefully hand-picked 100 Cash Cow digital products ideas - ones that move the needle and have worked for me and my clients (from different niches). 

And you get exclusive access to this secret stash!

What does this mean? It means whatever niche you are in… I have a digital product idea for you in this little black book…

So you can cut back the time you spend on “coming up” with Digital Product Products (that may or may not sell) and pick from the variety of choices in here (all money-making Ideas) and create ONE banging product that gets you sales anytime, any day.
The Best Part? To Show You This Isn’t Some Hit-n-Run Bootcamp

I’m Offering A Full Guarantee!

I’m so convinced that you’ll not only LOVE the “Passive Product Cash Flow Bootcamp!” and all the incredible bonuses that I’m offering today…

…you’ll be utterly amazed by your results!

Here's how the refund policy works...

Dive into Part 1 of the Bootcamp and if for whatever reason, after watching Part 1 training, you’re not 110% happy with everything, simply shoot an email to my team we'll issue you a refund.

What this means is that I shoulder all the risk for you. There’s really NO risk involved on your end. 

Now I’m making this ballsy guarantee, so you don’t even have to make a “final” decision today

All you need to do is take a shot… 

…secure your spot for ‘Passive Product Cash Flow Bootcamp’ TODAY

… watch Part 1 of the Bootcamp 

… and if after watching Part 1, you're not happy for any reason (any reason AT ALL), then pay nothing. 

Simply send me a short email and we’ll refund you your money 100%

Sounds fair, right?


Join Now! (And Get All Your Bonuses delivered)

  • 5hr LIVE Bootcamp ($997 value)
  • Access to Replay ($297 value)
  • Bonus #1 - Profits MAXIMISED One-on-One Consultation ($997 value)
  • Bonus #2 - Live ‘On-The-Spot’ Feedback Recording ($997 value)
  • Bonus #3 - 10X Templates & Swipe Files ($197 value)
  • Bonus #4 - Sales Overload - Launch Your Digital Product WITHOUT Paid Ads ($197 value)
  • Bonus #5 - Private Facebook Group ($197 value)
  • Bonus #6 - FREE 30-day access to The Lucrative Business Academy ($197 value)
  • Bonus #7 - My Little Black Book of 100+ Best Selling Digital Products (Value $297)
Enrol TODAY And Get This Additional Exclusive Guarantee:
  • PLUS - Money Back Guarantee

Total Value: $4,076

Normal Price: $297




Here's What You Get:
  • Passive Products Course Access - All training, Q & A sesssions
  • Bonus #1 - Profits MAXIMISED One-on-One Consultation ($997 value)
  • Bonus #2 - Live ‘On-The-Spot’ Feedback ($997 value)
  • Bonus #3 - 10X Templates & Swipe Files ($197 value)
  • Bonus #4 - Sales Overload - Launch Your Digital Product For FREE ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #5 - Private Facebook Group ($197 value)
  • Bonus #6 - FREE 30-day access to The Lucrative Business Academy ($197 value)
  • Bonus #7 - My Little Black Book of 100+ Best Selling Digital Products (Value $297)
  • Swipe My ​7-Figure Digital Product Sales Page That Converts (Value $2000)




Here's What You Get:
  • ​LIVE Attendance To The Bootcamp
  • ​Coaching and support from me and my team (you'll have an Accountability Coach to support you throughout the session)
  • ​A recording of the session
  • ​Bonus #1 - Profits MAXIMISED One-on-One Consultation ($997 value)
  • Bonus #2 - Live ‘On-The-Spot’ Feedback ($997 value)
  • Bonus #3 - 10X Templates & Swipe Files ($197 value)
  • ​​Bonus #4 - Sales Overload - Launch Your Digital Product For FREE ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #5 - Private Facebook Group ($197 value)
  • Bonus #6 - FREE 30-day access to The Lucrative Business Academy ($197 value)
  • Bonus #7 - My Little Black Book of 100+ Best Selling Digital Products (Value $297)
  • Swipe My ​7-Figure Digital Product Sales Page Template That Converts (Value $2000)
  • Daily Launch Coaching: Get access to my Private app for 7 days after the Bootcamp and each morning, I'll drop you a voicenote filled with a gem or two specifically to help you launch your Digital Product like a BOSS!  

"So What's The Catch?"

The registration closes for the LIVE IMPLEMENTATION will close soon
 This means that you may return to this page and one of these 2 things will have happened:

1. The LIVE bootcamp has sold out


2. This page has been replaced with another page that says “Sorry, You Missed This” and you’d have missed the BEST opportunity to pump quick cash into your business
Out of integrity, this is an honest attempt to help you take action TODAY.

This is NOT “Fake” scarcity!

Join me in ‘Passive Product Cashflow’ Bootcamp to create and launch your Digital product and make the next 30 days your BIGGEST yet

There’s no other way to get your hands on this material anywhere else except through this Bootcamp

So, this is your opportunity to get your hands on my proven Passive Income CashFlow formula and have my help in creating your very own digital product…

...all with a FULL money back guarantee.


This one time investment will deliver a return to you for many years to come. 

See you in the Bootcamp

The Fully Booked Childcare System

You're about to Discover the SECRETS the Big Nursery Chains are Using to Keep Their Settings FULLY BOOKED and SUSTAINABLE While You Struggle to Keep The Lights On!
Almost Complete...
Passive Product Bootcamp
Today's Price

ONE TIME OFFER: Get Passive Products Cashflow Bootcamp 150 Page WORKBOOK filled with Marketing Swipe files you can deploy straightaway, Sales Copy examples for you to choose from and so much more PLUS get 365 Viral Posts Template, these are the same swipe files and viral posts that I used to promote my Digital Products that have brought in Multiple-6-Figures. They're proven to work and easy to implement in your business (even if you have a small audience!) Click YES to add this to your order now for just $37. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

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We just added a new bonus to Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp, making it a MUST-HAVE for entrepreneurs who want to create unlimited Passive Income and enrol High Paying Clients

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Complete Bootcamp Access - 5hr training, Q & A sessions, and Swipe files 
  • ​Bonus #1 - Profits MAXIMISED One-on-One Consultation ($997 value)  
  • ​Bonus #2 - Live ‘On-The-Spot’ Feedback ($997 value) 
  • ​Bonus #3 - 10X Templates & Swipe Files ($197 value) 
  • ​​Bonus #4 -  Sales Overload - Launch Your Digital Product For FREE ($297 Value) -
  • ​Bonus #5 - Private Facebook Group ($197 value)
  • ​Bonus #6 - FREE 30-day access to The Lucrative Business Academy ($197 value)
  • ​Bonus #7 - My Little Black Book of 100+ Best Selling Digital Products (Value $297) 
  • Bonus #8 - Swipe My ​7-Figure Digital Product Sales Page That Converts (Value $2000)
Money Back Guarantee
Privacy Guaranteed
100% Secure Information
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📖 Passive Product Cashflow Bootcamp (Detailed, Fillable, Downloadable) Workbook
😮 365 High-Converting Social Media posts (Done-For-You ready to edit or use as it is and hit publish) 
🗓️ Lifetime access to 365 social media posts
✅ Editable Content Workbook - Filled with 365 Proven-To-Work prompts and done-for-you Social Media posts. This workbook will be your most priced asset when it comes to nailing Social media for an entire year.
​✅ 1000+ Curated Images
​✅ 32 Click-worthy Call To Actions
​✅ 30 Days of Livestream That Hook & Sell
✅ So much more

Is This You??

You run a business and yet each year during the biggest holiday season when your business should see the largest cashflow 

...instead, your bank balance seems to have taken a dip…

...almost as if it’s taken a holiday

Meanwhile, you hear of other Marketers and Entrepreneurs in your industry who are killin it with their holiday offers

...adding $50k here and $100k there 

...boosting their revenue using a simple digital product they created only once...

...whilst your revenue has come to a halt…

 ...even though you’re hustling and grinding like crazy!

You don’t need me to tell you that Q4 is the BIGGEST holiday season of the year

Whilst there are other Holiday seasons throughout the year…

Q4 brings a powerful combo for business owners, Entrepreneurs and Marketers

I call this… ‘the gift that keeps on giving’

Let me paint a picture…

The Q4 Holiday season begins with Halloween

...right after that, we jump into the ‘Thanksgiving’ holiday season

...then we slide into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a massive weekend of Spend! Spend! Spend!

...then we segway into ‘Small Business Saturday’

Didn’t I say it was the ‘gift that keeps on giving’??

We don’t stop here…, we get merry with the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day holiday combo

...and let’s not forget… the New Years festivities

It’s no surprise that Q4 (October, November, December) of every year is a ‘Holiday Cash Flow’